Dragon Ball Z complete blu-ray set?

  • Hi there guys,

    I was wondering if FUNi ever going to release a complete set of all 9 seasons of blu-ray in one BOX. Like the American TV Series (Complete Series). I know that all of the 9 seasons already came out. If anybody knows something, please comment. Thanks.

  • If they ever do, it's going to be a LONG time in the future. They're still capitalizing on the high sales of the individual volumes.

    As long as those are selling well at their current price, it would be a foolish choice for FUNimation to lower the price for a complete collection anytime soon.

  • Thank you SpacemanHardy.

    It doesn't hurt to dream. It's because I saw all 9 of them on Ebay goes around $350. I am holding back hoping it would come out as a Complete Set.

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