Roku: channel no longer functional

  • I'm not sure what happened. Just 2 days ago was using it just fine, but then yesterday it stopped working. It just sits at the initial loading screen and never goes anywhere. I thought there was just too much traffic so tried again today and same issue. The following is what I've tried.

    1. Restarting Roku
    2. Removing and re-adding the channel
    3. Unplug Roku and re-plug
    4. Checked for updates

    I'm out of ideas. What's going on?

  • Uhg, why does this nonsense keep happening. I had to do a factory reset on the roku, update it, re-add the channel.. now it works again. Going to report this to Roku as I think their updates keep screwing things up.

  • Thank you so much for installing the newly updated Roku channel! In the future, though, could you please report issues over at or email directly?

    I'll be able to help you much faster that way.

    Thanks! :)

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