Season 2..? (Spoilers kinda)

  • Did anyone else find this season painful to watch?? I loved season 1. And I love Scientific Railgun. But this season took me forever to finish, had to force myself to turn it on. Its an entire season of a guy trying to look like a bad ass while punching out women and little girls in nuns habits?? The only male he actually fights is another level 0 in the last episode or 2. Now I'm not saying women cant fight or anything crazy or sexist like that. All I am saying is there is definitely a recurring theme of girls getting laced out with right hooks in this show, and I cant help but wonder what they were thinking on this one..

  • I actually liked every arc except the Italy one. The Academy City Invasion arc was the best index arc thus far. It really sucks that you couldn't enjoy it because I LOVED it.

    P.S. he actually punches the same amount of girls and guys through out the series.

    P.S.S. The only one trying to look cool is Stiyl, but then again he is a bad ass.

  • @Freedumb
    It REALLY SUCKS that season 2 ended and we never got a season 3 (until now), because everything that happens from season 1 and ESPECIALLY the events of season 2 SPOILERS!

    leads up to World War III with many interesting twists and reveals, and it ends the initial series and brings us to the sequel series A Certain Magical Index New Testament

    As for Touma he's not your generic I'm good and going to save everyone cliche character contrary to all the haters who haven't even read the novels, he's much more complex and better written than 99% of other shonen protagonists. As for him punching girls, he's atleast an equal opportunity A** Kicker when it comes to villains regardless of gender when its comes to saving innocent people and especially his friends.

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