Billing problem


    Subscriber Status: Subscriber
    Subscriber Role: All-AccessPass
    Free Trial End Date: 01-30-2015
    Next Bill Date: 01-31-2015
    Payment Method: Visa

    I have a problem with my billing date. I am on Social Security Income (SSI) and I get my money on the first of every month and if I get charged before that I may overdraft my bank account. How do I get FUNimation to change my billing cycle without cancelling my current free trial?

    I really don't want to go in the red. Thank you.

  • There's no help on the forums.

    Reason: Subscription billing

    Incorrect Birthday problem- Subscription Access

  • @ Hanssen01, TIL Nobu is right about submitting a support ticket. That's the best way for us (the tech support team) to investigate the issue and connect you to our store team. We don't typically provide tech support over the forums. ^^'

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