Bring deadman wonderland back to tv

  • This is a thread that I hope funimation takes a little se rious because deadman wonderland has been around for a while but there haa been no trace of a continuous show which a lot of people are confused and worried about because it was a great show and I would hate to just READ to see the ending but WATCH it is the way to go I don't have much of a base to go off of but this show has a lot of high ratings and I would hate to see people who love the show not watch the remainder of the actual show. Please funimation bring this amazing show back I know you have it in the back of your mind as do a whole lot of anime fans I'm sure it will make a lot of people happy.

  • Funimation has no control over whether or not to bring it back because they don't make anime, they just license it from Japan

  • Welcome to the forums.

    Now please read this:

    In short, FUNimation does not make anime, so they have no control over whether another season of Deadman Wonderland comes out or not.

    Also, The Suggestion Box forum is meant for people to recommend changes to the site itself, not for them to suggest anime titles for FUNi to license.

    Closing this down.

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