Roku Queue switching to other Queues

  • I'm glad the roku channel finally got a queue feature, but it's completely bugged out. The first immediate issue is it doesn't sync with the queue on the site. The second issue is it randomly keeps loading shows into my queue that I never told to put in my queue. I get this weird feeling it's loading someone elses queue! Any idea what's going on and when it could be fixed? As is the queue is worthless right out of the gate unfortunately.

  • mmm I only used it once so far looked right when I went into it and will have to check mine later today.

    I have noticed the app doesn't have queue yet which sucks.

  • It seams to be working fine today. My queue was same as what's on the site and didn't glitch out on me this time. Must've been a temporary issue.

  • Yup worked fine for me. Only issue I see is if i watch episode 70 and I leave the app and go back its on 1 and i have to scroll all the way back to where I last left off. Sucks in the 200+ range for sure.

  • Glad the Queue is working for you again. Please report any issues at instead of posting in the forum. For our Roku channel, you can also email directly.

    @princeshoko1, we'll be adding Video History to the Roku channel very soon, which should take care of the "going back to episode 1" issue. The channel will use your Video History to determine where to send you when you resume watching a show instead of forcing you to scroll through hundreds of episodes.

  • This issue is still ongoing for me. Happens multiple times a day. Queue won't go back to normal unless I exit app to Roku home screen and then reload. Ongoing since January and it's now August. Sent message to Funimation support but 8 mos. with no fix is ridiculous. Especially since I pay for an all access pass and do not share this account. Considering dumping for Hulu and Crunchyroll.

  • The Queue issue had been fixed in the time since it was reported back in January. We were hoping that we could resolve on our side without an update to the channel itself, but that did not work as the issue has started happening again very recently. The issue is a bit difficult to reproduce as it relies a lot on user feedback.

    We have fixed the issue in the next version of the channel by loading the Queue in a completely different way, thereby bypassing the cause of the issue. This means that the fix will be part of the next build update. There is no ETA on the next build, but we will notify anyone that contacts us through and chooses "Technical - Roku Channel" as the reason for contact. Just say that you would like to be notified when the next build is available.

    For now, you can exit the channel and reload it for your Queue to show up properly.

    I am closing this thread, since all posts have been addressed and anyone wanting more information now knows what to do.

  • I have an update on this issue. The issue is related to how the user table is set up in the database. We had a temporary fix in place back in January, which has now run out. We have applied this same temporary fix again, which should help to alleviate the issue until the permanent fix goes up with the next channel update.

    If anyone is still experiencing the Queue switching issue, please either reply to this thread or please contact our Roku Support Tech by going to and choosing "Technical - Roku Channel" as the reason for contact.

    I will continue to post updates to this thread and will now reopen, since now we need users to tell if they are still experiencing the issue.

  • yes i see that too,

    have a Roku 2 and Roku, i notice the queue will be empty while other times not working. Mine currently has shows I do not even watch. Like 3 to 1.

    I feel all your pain fellow Roku usersโ€ฆ....

    I check my settings to see if I am logged in and sure enough I am but go back to queue and a different show or shows are there.

    TIP: adding to queue
    I noticed if I add the show to the queue then quit show go back to queue and start watching from there is will stay in queue.
    but if i add the show to queue and start watching then try to come back to see it in queue then it will not show up in queue.

  • In the past week, I've had trouble adding shows to the queue from my Roku 1. When I'd select "add to queue" under the episode play button, it would say "successfully added" but when I went to the queue, it wouldn't be there. I'd have to try adding a show 3 or 4 times with a "successfully added" message before it stuck. Sometimes I get a strange queue, as well, but exiting and reloading the app once usually takes care of it; it doesn't happen often, and it's easy to work around, so it never really bothered me much, but the frequency of shows failing to stick to my queue is pretty annoying.

  • I was having this exact problem last night with my Roku 3.

  • This will be fixed as part of the next build update to the channel. For now, you can restart your Roku to temporarily fix.

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