Updated Kindle Fire, iOS, & Android Mobile & Tablet Apps

  • Updated versions for the FUNimation mobile and tablet iOS free and paid apps, the mobile and tablet Android free and paid apps, and the Amazon Kindle Fire free and paid apps are now available. These builds address user-reported issues, but do not introduce any new functionality.

    We'd love it if you would download any of the apps or update what you already have and leave us a review. Please note, however, that any issues should be reported to us directly at www.funimation.com/support, so that we can work with Phunware to address them as soon as possible.

    FUNimation offers tech support for and accepts feedback on all of its apps at www.funimation.com/support.


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  • App Ver. v2.4.536 (Android)

    • THE BAD -

    User Interface still the same as before, horrible.

    Scrubbing the video timeline (Rewind/Fast forward) still doesn't work. When attempting to scrub (rewind/fast forward), the "loading" circle freezes and stays that way for 10-15 minutes. Then I'm introduced to a "Video Playback Error" pop up that says, "Sorry something went wrong trying to play this video. Please try again later." sigh

    Upon installation, the app asks for permission to view my Bookmarks and History. Why?

    • THE GOOD -

    Search actually works! This is a huge improvement. It only took a year and a half for this to be fixed. Job well done guys!

    Videos now show Episode number again. thumbs up


    Same app that is was before, but now the Search feature works while rummaging through my private stuff,

  • @josefhiggins - Thanks for the suggestions/review. For clarification and future troubleshooting/new implementation purposes, are you on a mobile device or a tablet?

  • I'm on android mobile 4.0.4 and i have the same problems

  • Would be nice if if didn't jump back to the top of the list of shows when you look at one show and come back to the list. It should stay where you were, IMO.

    iOS 8.1.3 on Iphone 5S

  • Ever since the update, I've been having playback issues were the show I'm watching freezes at the start and boots me back to the episode menu.

  • So, is Chromecast coming for the next update?

  • Is there going to be an app for LG Smart TVs

  • The FunimationNow iOS apps for iPhone and iPad are in the Apple App Store. I've got both and they seem to work from my quick test. Get'em while they're hot.

  • I'm gonna close this thread since this is for the old Phunware apps, and we have a shiny new FunimationNow app now.

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