Possible Season 3?

  • The way the second season ended was kind of a cliffhanger, so does anyone know anything about a possible season 3?

  • nothing yet

  • I find this disappointing. I just finished watching Index today and that was a definite non-ending. Ah well, I still have Railgun and the movie to get through yet. Hopefully something will be announced while I'm watching those.

  • There are the light novels from Yen Press, but as of now only the first 3 have been translated and released over here in the States. And those don't even get past the first season, I'm afraid. :hmm:

  • Based on the ending there better be a 3rd season. Ive followed the pattern of watching Railgun S1, Index S1, Railgun S2, and now Index S2. I have to say personally I felt like Railgun S2 was disappointing, and then I watched Index S2 and now Im even more disappointed with it.

    All that said the way the 2rd season ended with Accelerator in the alley definitely left me craving more.

  • I'm in the middle of watching Railgun S1, and I know that I'll be wanting a third season of something when the end comes. But until something is officially announced, either here, or through the bloodhounds at ANN anything we could offer would be nothing short of wishful thinking, and speculation.

  • Its bound to happen both Season 1 ,2 and then the movie did very well. Its just the studio is currently involved with other porjects I guess?

  • Probably never, good shows like this always get cancelled after 1 or 2 seasons. Its ridiculous!

  • Now I can add myself to the waiting list.

    I've seen comments about "A Certain Scientific Accelerator", and stuff about the light novels being very different?

    I'll keep an eye open for whatever though!

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