Some good ideas from Netflix

  • Netflix has a few features that I find really useful:

    1. Display Timestamp on Mouseover - When you place the mouse cursor over the video timeline, it displays the timestamp for that point.

    2. Display Thumbnails on Mouseover - Additionally to displaying the timestamp, they also display a thumbnail image of what's at that point on the video timeline.

    These features make it easier to sync up when watching a show with someone else. They make it easier to quickly review an episode to find a specific scene or line of dialogue. They make it easier to skip intros and outros, which brings me to #3:

    3. - Start Next Episode and Skip Intro - On Netflix, at the end of an episode, just as the credits begin to roll, you're presented with the option to immediately start the next episode. If you choose this feature, when the next episode begins it will have also skipped the intro, which is fantastic for binge watching.

    4. - Skip Intro and Outro Checkbox Option - #3 could be improved upon though, such as a checkbox or button under the video player that enables intro and outro skipping. If you don't want to see the intros and outros, check the box and the video player will automatically skip past them when they occur, so you can still see the pre-intro and post-outro scenes that some shows have without having to manually skip the other stuff when it comes up.

    5. Coverflow-esque Front Page - Those sections on the front page, like Watch Online and Featured Products should really be scrollable. The front page should also display my Queue and the alphabetical Shows listing in the same manner. That is, I think it should look like this for logged-in subscribers. Show me all the videos up front, since that's what I'm here and subscribed for. As it is, I've bookmarked my queue rather than the Funimation homepage because the homepage isn't useful. On Netflix I've bookmarked the homepage.

    Lastly, just a few website usability things unrelated to the, "make it like Netflix" ones above:

    6. Move To Top - In the Queue, there should be a dedicated button that sends a show straight to the top.

    7. Mouse Scroll Wheel Support in Video Playlist - So, on the video player, next to the play button is a playlist pop-up. In my minimal testing, trying to scroll through the list with my scroll wheel doesn't work, it just minimizes the list. This just seems like one of those usability things that should work but doesn't.

  • 8. Chromecast support

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