FMAB and OVA collection order

  • So I have recently bought the FMAB and the OVA collection blu-rays.
    I started watching the Brotherhood episodes.
    But during the episode 1 commentary they start talking about the OVA.
    I saw on the back that the OVA collection was released a year before the Brotherhood boxes.
    So should I watch the OVA collection first?

  • One OVA focuses on the Ishbal War, so watching that one when you get to that point in the story (episode 30ish) is a good idea, but the first three can be watched whenever (if you've never seen FMA before then waiting until the boys visit Izumi is best, if you've seen the 2003 series you should be good to watch them now). The OVAs were released after the 5 individual Brotherhood parts here and were released in Japan as the DVD/BD singles came out, the series is meant to be watched first for the most part.

  • I also recommend watching the first series, Fullmetal Alchemist, before you watch Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, if you haven't. You'll get all the feels, that way.

  • Yeah, I watched the original before this. It made me doubt my manhood for a while. A funeral in particular to be exact.

    Okay, thanks for the info. I will start watching the OVA's first, except The Ishbal War until I've reached ep. 30.


  • I'm not a man, so it doesn't make me question my gender to admit that I full-on sobbed like a tiny child during that scene in both series.

  • Oh yes… THAT scene...
    One of those things you don't just forget.

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