Regional Availability Indicators and/or Filtering

  • My user experience with this site so far is that I looked at about half a dozen series and got the "This video is not available in your territory." message from all but one (which gave a members-only message), and this only once I got as far as loading the player. Meaning I had to register first before the service deigned to tell me that a series is not available.

    I don't really mind that most (or none) of these series are available for streaming in my region, but I do mind that there's no way (that I can see) of telling which (if any) series are actually available, save from going through the list, series by series, waiting for the player with the "not available" message to load (which takes about 10 seconds) for every single one of them.

    You should have some sort of icons to place on the video thumbnails: available, unavailable, member-only, etc. Better yet, you could simply filter out any series not available in my region from being shown on the list in the first place - the way some of your competitors do.

    Currently, even for any videos that say they're members-only I don't actually know if the message wouldn't just change to "not available in your territory" if I actually went out and bought membership.

  • If you don't live in the US or Canada, you're pretty much SOL.

  • FUNimation is currently working towards increasing their streaming territories, but as of right now all videos are limited to North America.

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