Will Funimation DVD release of 2014 episodes have cleaned-up designs?

  • It's come to my attention that the Japanese DVD release of Fairy Tail's post-hiatus episodes have cleaned up designs and animations in certain scenes from their original televised format, a comparison of which I have attached to this post for comparison:

    TV release:
    DVD release:

    In the event that Funimation releases these episodes on DVD, I hope they will also feature these touch-ups, instead of the original simulcast version of the videos. I also hope that the DVD release (in both countries) will fix a particular scene in episode 195, where the sequence of events appears to be out of order.

    ! The scene involves a conversation between Rogue, a dragon, and his shadow. In chapter 333 of the manga, the dragon tells Rogue of his bleak future, but Rogue dismisses the dragon, only for Rogue's shadow to come to life and taunt him about it, causing him to freak out. In the anime, however, Rogue is taunted by his shadow, freaks out, is told of his future by the dragon, and THEN calmly and confidently dismisses the dragon before returning to being freaked out.

    After analyzing both versions of the scene, I am certain this was a mistake on the anime video editor's part rather than an intentional storytelling decision, and should ideally be fixed for the DVD.

  • I cannot say for sure which versions will be made available to the folks at FUNi. But, I can go on some past info of something similar.

    If my memory is correct, there was something similar with Negima!?, the show was more or less rushed/cheaply produced in some places for the broadcast, and/or they found certain mistakes in the animation; it was cleaned up and fixed for the DVD release. This is what was delivered to FUNimation for their release. As far as I know, FUNi get's the best uncensored, polished version of the final product. Assuming of course the studio sends it to them correctly.

  • I am guessing we will get the DVD version. Most times the masters Funi and other companies get are from the DVDs. For example Rosario + Vampire in the tv version you had the fan service censored with the bat, but in the DVD version it was uncensored, just like in the Funi release. Another example though originally not a Funi release, but Code Geass had a lot of Pizza Hut product placement in the tv version, in the DVD version it was edited out, just like in the U.S. release.

  • Okay, but from what I understand, the current DVDs in Japan come packaged with issues of the Fairy Tail monthly magazine, and I wonder if that will limit availability. If that sounds weird, just know that it is my impression that Funimation hasn't licensed the OVAs because they were released with limited manga volume editions. I may be wrong about that, though.

  • Funimation typically always gets the home video version for the home video release, so I don't think that's anything you have to worry about. If the broadcast version is on the home release, it was a mistake and is probably getting corrected (see Ben-To, Sankarea)

    I sincerely doubt the home release version (in any country) is going to swap around scenes though

  • I've just come across a Chinese blog showcasing even more TV/DVD screenshot comparisons. And after looking at them, I really, really, REALLY hope the Funimation releases what was on the Japanese DVDs. In fact, I hope they replace all of their simulcast videos with them.

    See for yourself: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/3532608050?see_lz=1

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