Very Interesting

  • I know it has only been 2 episodes so far, but this show has a very unique feel. Sure it has it's spots that remind me of other shows, but only slightly. Can't wait to see where it goes.

  • I LOVE this show so far. Decim kinda reminds of Ginko in the looks department, and I really like the art style. Can't wait to see what it does going forward. I hope the nameless girl gets a name soon, if only because it's a mouthful to keep referring to her as "the nameless girl". The "twist" with Machiko wasn't a surprise for me, I knew she was lying but I misunderstood her motive (I thought she was trying to get back at him for being so mean to and distrusting of her). It's also nice that these arbiters aren't infallible, and I think that's why nameless girl is around now: to help them understand human emotions a little better.

  • I love and hate the fact that they don't go in detail the requirements on how they are judged. All we get are the 3, what their lives where like , how they play the game, and if they amuse Decim.

  • @Firefly:

    Decim kinda reminds of Ginko in the looks department, and I really like the art style.

    The first comparison I jumped to was Yoichi from House of Five Leaves, but I can also see Ginko's more reserved manner now that you mention it.
    It amuses me to think that running Quindecim is Yoichi's penance.

  • Now that the show has been out for awhile, does anyone want to see a season 2? And what direction might it take?

  • This is one of those shows where I wouldn't WANT it to have a season 2. While there are plenty of possibilities for the show to explore in a theoretical second season, I feel that the show is fine as it is. Adding or Removing anything will only take away the story that was told, and I feel that it ended on a good enough note that it doesn't warrant another season.

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