Some suggestions for bettering watching-anime experience

  • As much as I love to watch streaming shows on Funi, I dislike the fact that I have to use wikipedia to find the Japanese name of almost every show we have on this site. I understand the reasons behind translating all the Japanese title to English, but anime-fan community have a long-standing tradition of using Romaji title for communication. The fact that we only have English title exclusively makes it harder to broaden the scope of business. Therefore, I suggest including Romaji title under the English title. Other languages are also welcome. The action of including multiple languages enhances the multicultural-ness of Funi site and creates a sense of inclusion for anime-lovers who would like to licensed anime.

    Second suggestion I would like to make is adding comment section under each video. There are surely many opposing views against putting comment box under each video. However, I personally think the benefits of such function outweigh the negative impacts on the website.

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