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    • The purpose of this thread is NOT necessarily to receive support-- we still need you to submit a ticket if you have an issue so that we can track issues and more efficiently work towards resolutions-- this is basically just so you have a place to report issues that you know someone from FUNimation Support will see it, and so that we can communicate more quickly what the status of an issue is as it arises, before we're ready to make an official thread about it.

    Again, it cannot be stated enough: All technical support tickets will receive a response. All posts made in this thread may not.

    (old thread:

  • Ultimate otaku sensei video streaming broken after 15:36 stops playing regales of network connection. as of april 18th 11:56 am

  • Not really a big deal, but I watched Rin Daughters of Mnemesyne on my laptop over the weekend, and the player kept switching from dubbed to subbed every time I hit next episode. It's done that sporadically with some other shows, but like I said, not really a big deal. I use Firefox exclusively, if it matters. It doesn't bother me, but it might bother someone else.

  • Hello um i'm not sure how to make a ticket for getting help so i'd like to know about that please. also um…well i had to reset my password and so i've been trying to change the reset password to something i can easily remember but every time i try it just keeps saying "the current password is not correct." But it worked just fine ever time i've signed in, in the last few minutes. So i don't know what to do an i could really use some help please, and um sorry if this is not the correct forum for this but i read each forum and this one just seemed more generalized to helping people while the others were a bit more specific.

  • I am having an issue I have a Roku and when I opened Funimation there are only 4 episodes of each show available. Can anyone tell me what's happening?

  • I am having trouble editing my forum profile. The page is blank when I try to edit my profile, it has no options to edit avatar, signature etc.

  • @torrin:

    I am having trouble editing my forum profile. The page is blank when I try to edit my profile, it has no options to edit avatar, signature etc.

    its been like that for me since they did the last update. The overview page of my profile is also blank.

  • Thats weird because I added my signature just a few day ago, when I was going to resize my image it wont let me now! Quite frustrating…

  • Hi. I'm currently watching through "The Rolling Girls." One episode 9, when I switch to the dub the video changes to the dub of ep 10.

  • I keep getting the buffing symbol on my PS4, somethings I can watch a entire espiode without the symbol appearing but more recently, I keep getting buffing symbol every 5-10 minutes. Sometimes, I have to close the entire app just to get the app to work.

  • Hey i don't know if this is the right place but i'll ask, is there a way to get notifications or see if someone has posted on a tread i posted to ? if not there should be, it would help alot, and if there is well i look stupid lol

  • @alagor:

    Hey i don't know if this is the right place but i'll ask, is there a way to get notifications or see if someone has posted on a tread i posted to ? if not there should be, it would help alot, and if there is well i look stupid lol

  • is anybody else having jerky/jittery/laggy ONLY on panning scenes (when the screen moves left / right or up / down)

    I've tested this on my laptop, desktop as well as my smartphone (all 1080P)

    I'm not sure if it's just me but it's very noticeable in 1080p.

    A great example is the clip: cause for concern (the devil is a part-timer)
    for me if you look at it very closely for the first maybe 40 seconds is very jerky when the screen is moving up and down or left and right.

  • I'm currently going through and cleaning up some of the responses in this thread since most of these have become obsolete or are now known issues– I'm going to look into and get answers for all the threads that are left here over the weekend. In the meantime, here's some updates over some of the issues I deleted:

    • We had intermittent site issues for several days at the beginning of the month. These have all been resolved.

    • We are aware there's an issue with some version of the Kindle app and are investigating. If you posted here about the Kindle and have not made a support ticket, please make a support ticket and use the reason code "Mobile & Tablet Apps"

    • There was an issue with the queue that several people reported in the thread. This issue has been resolved.

    • There was also an issue with the Search feature, which has now been resolved.

    • We are aware that there's an issue with the Favorites and I'll get a more detailed Known Issue up this weekend as well.

    Sorry for taking so long to get to this. We've been a little overwhelmed at Chez FUNimation for a few weeks, but I should have answers for everything soon. :)

    Thanks for your patience and support!

  • @vantur - if you have not already, please make a ticket about this issue.

    @paige62182 - we're aware of this issue and should have it resolved in the next site update. In the meantime, you can work around this by going to the next episode before the last minute of the video.

    @edensnow - you will have to make a ticket for this issue here: We can't actually resolve this issue without a ticket because of how we have to resolve the issue. Thanks!

    @mdegroot - you will need to submit a ticket with the reason code "Roku"

    @torrin - I believe we're already assisting you at this point via e-mail, but if not, please make a ticket for this issue.

  • @jstar300 - we'll need a ticket to investigate this issue, if you haven't already submitted one.

    @starch - please check and see if you're seeing this ONLY on the PS4, or if you are also getting comparable buffering on your computer. If you are getting comparable buffering on your computer, submit a ticket to "Subscription Access". If you are only seeing this on PlayStation, please select "PlayStation App" as the reason code.

    @nickdo - if you haven't already, please submit a ticket about this issue. I know I've seen a ticket recently about this, but if you're a second person reporting the issue, we may be able to "triangulate" and get it solved faster. Thanks!

  • I did submit a ticket, I waited 5 days after submitting the ticket before I posted on this thread and then within an hour after I posted here I got an email from technical support saying they will let me know when it fixed.

  • So, I have been watching One Piece, and I was watching the arc where they get a skeleton for their crew member, and today when I went to continue watching, the episodes were giving me 404 errors instead of showing up at all, and that seems the be the case for the entire 'season'…. Not sure what that is about as the videos in the 'season's before and after it work fine.

  • @nickdo - you were likely the user I saw in the ticketing system, then. Sorry for the delay– sometimes tickets do take a little longer than the 24-48 hours we typically work within. Thank s for your patience!

    @decimator93401- I'm seeing a few of these tickets from this timeframe, but I haven't been able to reproduce the issue. Are you still seeing this issue at this time?

  • Hello,

    Cowboy Bebop episode 10 - Ganymede Elegy SUB is having a problem playing. It plays for about 5 secs then stops. Happens even if I click ahead in time like to 3 mins in. This is the only episode I have had any problems with.

    Thank you!

  • @Kaillus - I was unable to reproduce this issue. Can you confirm that you're playing it through the website and not an app and that you're on a laptop or desktop computer?

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