Possible Cast for The 11 Supernovas in One Piece

  • The Sabaody Archipelago Arc is right around the corner in the FUNimation dub. The arc introduces The Worst Generation (The Eleven Supernovas) which includes Luffy and Zoro as part of The Eleven Supernovas. But the question is… who will voice the other members in the English dub?

    We all know that:
    Monkey D. Luffy - Colleen Clinkenbeard
    Roronoa Zoro - Christopher Sabat

    But who will voice Eustass Kid, Trafalgar Law, Basil Hawkins, X Drake, Scratchman Apoo, Killer, Jewelry Bonney, Capone Bege, and Urouge?

    Here is my choice if I had to pick the cast:

    Eustass Kid - Scott Freeman (Because he sounds wild whenever he plays Bixlow from Fairy Tail!!!)
    Trafalgar Law - Matthew Mercer (That manly Levi voice would fit Law)
    Urouge - Brett Weaver
    X Drake - Johnny Yong Bosch (He just has to be in One Piece!!)
    Capone Bege - Bob Carter (Because he voices Cuba in Hetalia)
    Jewelry Bonney - Jessica Cavanagh (Aquarius in Fairy Tail)
    Basil Hawkins - Bryce Papenbrook (I bet he would love being in One Piece)
    Killer - Duncan Brannan
    Scratchman Apoo - Blake Shepard (He can shift his voice a lot. From maturity, to scrappy teenage devil.)

    This is only my opinion of choices. What is yours

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