• I don't get the point of doing an original story when the first manga series has already concluded. Don't they usually only go with original content if the manga hasn't concluded, like the original runs of Fullmetal Alchemist or Hunter x Hunter?

    I was looking forward to some

    ! Ayato bone-breaking torture and, later on, the
    ! Kanekipede

  • i wont be watching it at all cause of this its rather stupid to have him do something so out of character. Especially since the first season followed the manga.

  • It's something Ishida probably wanted to do. something like a "what if" scenario, and he gets to do it since he is directly involved with the story in this season

  • I dont care I watch anime to see the manga animate not for him to go off chasing rabbits

  • I think that this alternate story line is very interesting. While I wanted to see all the tings from the manga animated as well, seeing something completely new isn't a bad thing.

  • From the way it's going, it might end up on the same path anyway. It's just taking a side street to the manga, with a lot of the same views, and getting to the key points quicker.

  • Really because if feels like nothing is happening at the moment.

  • Well… manga-wise...

    ! …you didn't see Yamori's crazy lieutenant until Kanou's laboratory, I think. And it did a bit more slice of (ghoul) life scenarios with Kaneki taking Hinami to the book signing and such.
    The mangaka probably thought it'd be too boring and slow the original way. This way, we get a bit more shounen-style action in every episode.

    I'm not saying I'm thrilled that it's deviating, but I'm learning to live with it, I guess?

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