FMA Blu-rays?

  • Hi,

    1 question, does anyone know if there are (or were) plans for FMA to be released on blu-ray?
    Apart from the movie that is.

  • If you're speaking about blurays for the original 2003 series, they were released some time ago in Japan by Aniplex. As of now, there's still no indication as to whether FUNimation will be able to release them, if Aniplex of America will choose to put them out themselves, or even if the blurays will even get a North American release at all. :hmm:

  • Yeah, I meant those.
    Well, I'll just have to be very patient then.

  • The JP BDs only came out a few months ago, I'm sure that Funi is at least interested in releasing the series on BD here since it's one of their top-selling titles. I know I'm thinking about double-dipping if they do.

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