Anyone else a film major in college, writer, or scriptwriter. Couple questions?

  • I was wondering if anyone in the forums was in college and a film major and writer like me. I wanted to know how you would go about getting rights to adapt a manga or anime into live action or tv show. I figured I would have to establish myself as a screenwriter first. Do a couple projects that do well then maybe i could interest the studios. Though there are major studio contests and fellowships coming up and I would have liked to have written an adapted script to enter but i think i need permission from the original creators. it would be a hell of lawsuit if the script got picked up. Anyone know? Also anyone know or have read any article on americans breaking into anime industry as writers. There are already a couple of american mangaka who live in japan and work for some of the major manga magazines. I feel like there maybe a shift to let foreigners in if your willing to write and speak in japanese.

  • Hello jnk. Um, not in college unfortunately but I can give you some advice. One major problem you will have is money. As far as an adapted script goes, technically, as long as you don't use the exact same word for word stuff, they technically can't lawsuit you for copyright infringement. No, you shouldn't have to change your profession, depending on what you decide to major in. If you do need anything as far as law goes, one of my teachers previously worked in that area of expertise. If you have any other questions just ask.

  • Hello jnk, college is already a memory for me but I agree with natsuxiii. Your largest obstacle is money. It's unlikely you have enough to throw away to make it worth while. No one will be interested in footing your bill unless it's guaranteed there is even more in it for them. They'll copyright anything these days too. Just look at the issues Lauren Faust had even naming the ponies and that's a large well established company behind her. There is no doubt that your best bet for success is to study how people do their world and character development. As a writer, it's your imagination that is for sale. Borrowing the imagination of someone else will not leave you much to stand on when it comes to selling your work.

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