Site developers/designers do not appear to actually use the site - very unfriendly

  • Recently, I was force to create a new account to switch from Paypal monthly to credit card annual subscription. (Epic fail on your part to not allow my account with all my viewing history and queue to be maintained and simply cancel subscription and restart on the day it runs out with a credit card and new subscription. Almost sent me back to Crunchyroll over that fiasco. You definitely need to decouple accounts and subscriptions from the Paypal lock.)

    So now I'm trying to rebuild my queue and it is maddening to not see which episodes I've watched of the dozens of shows I've been following. Your system makes it difficult to quickly jump through episodes to find my spot. You would think you would consider this feature for those coming from other services who may want to pick up with their next episode on your site, but you seem to have missed this. Even in the popup window listing all episodes you don't even show episode synopsis so we can find where we left off.

    Try this. Have a QA tester view some random episode of any series. they cannot know the episode number. All they may know about that episode is the series title and the story they just watched. Put that episode in the queue and then try to find the next episode in line after the one they just watched. When you make this task simple and easy, you will be better at welcoming transferring members from other services.

  • If you could at least show a mouse over synopsis of each episode in the "view all videos" popup in the queue listing, it would help tremendously. not having any episode synopsis is a horrible oversight. And it would be grand if you could list all episodes in the page below the one you are viewing, similar to Amazon Instant Video lists for series shows. It shows all episodes with synopsis and a green bar of how much has been viewed of each episode. You can easily pick up where you left off or find your spot, if maybe viewing a series you may have begun, say, in Netflix. When you have competitors, you have to learn to be welcoming to viewers who may be coming from another service. It's not like we all just always start with you and remain with you forever.

  • you don't even show episode synopsis so we can find where we left off ?

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