Better Costs for Canadians

  • As your very close neighbor, I think you should put more effort into pleasing your Canadian customers.

    Having Canadian prices listed and set for Canadian customers would be great, that way we know exactly how much to expect to come from our bank account when purchasing items. Just like how netflix offers services and prices for each separate country. I purchased a holiday deal to get a one year subscription for $54.95, it ended up costing me $66 CAD.

    Another problem is shipping. How is it fair that shipping among the states is less than $4, but to ship it to Canada it is $20? With the deal I mentioned earlier, I got a $25 off coupon. I thought that it was a great deal until I saw that my order would be a minimum of $20 because of shipping, since the coupon only applies to the price before tax and shipping. I know that I will never buy any anime off your site if I have to pay that much money for you to send that small of an item to me.

    These are just some things to consider. You would probably get a lot more Canadian customers if you tried to accommodate us more.

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