Dream Dubs

  • If you could pick any show to get a license and Dub what show would it be?

    For me my dream shows would be Gosick or Hamtaro. Gosick because it is one of my all time favorite shows. And Hamtaro because it is cute, and I always found it to be very soothing to watch.

  • I think Hamtaro already got an English dub; I haven't seen DVD's of that series anywhere, however.

  • @GalaxyCrisis:

    I think Hamtaro already got an English dub; I haven't seen DVD's of that series anywhere, however.

    Yes a big chunk of the show was dubed. But I meant the rest of the show, the specials, and all of the extra movies that never got dubed. Also Gosick was picked up by ADV then got lost in the shuffle. It's a Wonderful show, and I always wished that it had received better treatment.

  • I wouldn't call it a dream, but it is kinda disappointing that everything in the Dirty Pair franchise is dubbed (some things with 2 dubs) except for the original TV series.

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  • Oops Sorry for putting this in the wrong section. -_-V Thank you Davidism for moving it to the correct area of the forums.

  • I corrected the little typo in your topic title. ~_^

    As for what show I'd love to see dubbed, I'd REALLY like it if Sentai re-released You're Under Arrest! seasons 2 and 3 with the original Coastal Carolina dub cast. True, the first season's dub wasn't technically all that great, but those actors put a lot of heart into their performances and made it a whole lot of fun! Sadly, I don't think YUA sells well enough for them to consider it, though. <_>

  • Unlicensed anime I want dubs for:
    Hunter x Hunter 2011
    Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple OVAs
    Dragon Ball Z OVAs
    Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor + Kaiji: Against All Rules
    Fist of the North Star: Legends of the True Savior

    Licensed anime I'd like to be re-released with a new dub:
    The Garden of Sinners
    Silver Spoon + Silver Spoon 2nd season
    Qwaser of Stigmata + Qwaser of Stigmata II
    Space Brothers

  • Milky Holmes
    Dog Days
    Yuru Yuri
    Monogatari (series)

  • I doubt that any of the Monogatari series could ever be dubbed. There are just too many inside jokes and cultural references. I don't think that we could make a good translation that would convey the intent properly. I love the series, but it is very difficult to watch. You have to constantly stop to read the filler shots that provide a lot of information .

  • I never thought of it like that bejay53. I was wondering why such a popular, and entertaining show did not have a dub yet. But maybe with all of the references it just did not translate well.

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