• Are there really no commentaries or other bonus features for this show? I streamed it and it had one heck of a dub (Carrie Savage, Vic & Todd were all excellent in this) but I'm finding it hard to believe that it went "uncommented"…?

  • Well I have the dvds ;Unfortunately there are no commentaries to be seen (actually, heard). (Yes I did just use that semicolon; Yes I used it because this is Chäos;HEAd!)

  • Honestly, I don't even think the people at FUNimation liked Chaos;HEad enough to bother doing anything special for it. In one of the special features on the Robotics;Notes DVD, J. Michael Tatum, John Burgmeier, and Joel McDonald heaped tons of praise onto Steins;Gate, but the only good thing they could say about C;H is that "Todd is in it," then they laughed.

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