• season 1 is being dubbed at the same time as season 2. we only are only seeing season 2 since that's the season that is currnetly airing and can be called a broadcast dub. Also, Season 1's dub will be the final product, so they are likely moving a slower pace, since they can t go back and redo anything like they can with season 2

  • anyone know the date when this will be released in dub?

  • Okay that's weird, My friend says she can watch season one dubbed online, when I came to watch it here at the official funamation website it's not up, only season 2…. how are other websites getting the dubbed before funimation, that's odd, Well I hope they post it soon, I really want to watch it here... it's why i subscribed after all.

  • must be a fandub, because funi hasn't finished dubbing season 1

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