FUNimation Beelzebub License?

  • Since Crunchyroll's Beelzebub license has expired, I was wondering if FUNimation has any interest in picking the show up. (I'll accept rumors as well.) It was such a hilarious anime and I would love to see FUNi try to dub this show.

  • If anyone is going to get it probably going to be Discotek Media or Sentai for subbed only release. If Funi wanted Beelzebub they would have gotten it ages ago. Funi only gets newer shows or rescues nowadays.

  • It's possible Beelzebub might have been in a similar situation like Free! Iwatobi Swim Club where Crunchyroll also had home video rights?

    Now that Crunchyroll's no longer has it there's no reason not to think some company might eventually license it (hopefully Funimation).

    It's a good show and definitely deserves a dub; aren't Shonen Jump properties usually required to have a dub for other countries?
    (dub = possible TV broadcast = more royalty $ for Japanese)

    I can only think of a few Jump titles e.g. Gintama (though the movie was dubbed later on) that were sub-only and only because it's ridiculously long and has a smaller audience (though extremely supportive)

    Funimation also licensed several other Jump anime and were focused on subbing and then dubbing those around the same time Beelzebub was airing in Japan

    e.g. One Piece, Toriko

    Fairy Tail is a Kodansha title but is still a long and popular shonen anime.

    Beelzebub unfortunately wasn't as high of a priority but since Toriko is on hiatus (dub & sub), One Piece's dub has long breaks inbetween new seasons and Fairy Tail's dub could be on hiatus after Part 15 (unless Funimation plans to simuldub the "series 2" episodes asap).

    It would be the perfect opportunity and time to license and dub a new Shonen Jump show.

    I know many would want Hunter x Hunter 2011 (I do too) but it seems to have some kind of "Madhouse curse" like other great titles so licensing it at the moment is probably very complicated.

  • Agreed dude all the way I love Beelzebub it has awsome comedy and epic action and dubbing it will 100 million times great I do say myself

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