Anime production Cels please help!!!

  • I am interested in buying Anime production cels for the following series
    dragon ball z
    one piece
    cowboy bebop
    is there any way that i can buy them straight from toei or animation? if not can someone from funimation confirm a reliable place to buy cels that were actually used in production?
    thanks for your time!!!!!!

  • your best bet will likely be EBAY (be cautious of fakes) or keep an eye out for limited studio sell offs.

  • Unfortunately you're looking for cels from shows 10-20 years old, your best bet is finding some from One Piece which is still in production.
    That said Funimation wouldn't have much to do with this, it would be better to find an online community with a focus on anime cels and learn more about the market from them.

  • There's still a market for cels, even ones for very old anime, since the cells are collectibles. I collect cels myself, though not for any of the shows listed, but I don't have any insider information on them, nor will anyone at FUNimation, as the only way we ever see cels is if we're private collectors.

    St0ck is right, though– your best bet is going to be going through cel collector's forums and the like.

  • I would love to collect cels, a booth at a con had a few but they were well out of my price range.

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