PS3 Streaming APP Unstable :(

  • Keeps crashing while either scrolling shows or episodes

    I've tried to re-install the app still no luck

    I think it's about time console get a Funimation streaming app
    but right now it's more or less beta at this point do to how limited & unstable the app is

    I look forward an hope to see the Funimation console app be great in the future!

    P.S. PS4 version please lol :)

  • We're absolutely aware that this app is in a beta form right now and we're working on making it better for everyone (as well as a PS4 app!) but we figured we'd give everyone who'd been asking for a PlayStation app a little winter holiday present. :)

    I'm moving this to the Suggestions forums to make sure the right people/department see it. Thanks for your feedback!

  • Also, constant 1 second buffering. I have a 20mb/s connection I shouldn't be having this problem. Don't have the problem when using my pc to stream. So its either the app or it could also be the Ps3's wireless connection. With most shows only available on the app in 1080p, can't say I have ever tried to stream in high def on my ps3's wireless connection so I don't know which one it is for sure.

  • @Cj
    After using the App I hope there will be some improvements on the way but for now it was a nice X-Mas gift.

    For starters however, I would love for it to work better with the PS3 media/blue ray controller, the pause, select and play buttons do not register for instance, I have to use the "x" button on the remote instead.

    I would also love to see it sync with the online queue system so you can save your shows and not have to search them each time you start the App up.

    Also it would be nice if the App could remember which episode you had left off on a particular series. While not a huge problem with shortish series (26 episodes or less), I can see a series such a DBZ with hundreds of episodes being an issue as each time you start the App you need to scroll through all the episodes to get to the episode you had last left off on.

    I have an Ethernet cable hooked up to my PS3 and I have no such issues with constant buffering, I might have a quick buffer within the first 2 or 3 minutes of an episode but it only last a brief moment and the show will play without issue.

  • Yeaaaa I thought that might be the case. Ps3's wireless capabilities are too weak for high def streaming. Thanks for letting me know.
    I guess I will watch older shows that aren't in 1080p and see if that works better. Running an Ethernet to my bedroom is way to much of a hassle.

  • @Freedumb | You could always get a Ethernet to Wireless N bridge and use that to connect the PS3 via Ethernet to the bridge and have it transfer data via Wireless N whereas the PS3 is only Wireless G.

  • Remote not working is a bug and will be fixed with the next update.

    App freezing while browsing is a bug and will be fixed with the next update. It's a memory leak that occurs if you scroll too quickly through lists of at least 100 items.

    Video History and Queue will be integrated with the next update. Both will sync with the website and with other devices that also sync with the website.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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