One Week Later and Still Nothing from Customer Service

  • On Christmas Day I bought two Elite Video Subscription e-gift cards. The recipients never received them. I have not heard anything from Customer Service about this issue after numerous attempts to bring it to someone's attention. I have resorting to taking it up with PayPal (they refunded me recently after I got billed for a website after forgetting to cancel before the trial ended). What kind of service is this? I know that if this were how I did my job my butt would be out the door in two seconds and I wouldn't get hired anywhere else. The holidays are over. Get back to work and start doing your jobs. Terrible customer service. The EVS I have is great and FUNimation is great but the online customer service is a joke.

  • Possible reasons could be a backlog or overload of requests, or maybe your ticket was lost, which CJ has mentioned happening before. Try submitting a ticket through support if you haven't already done so.

  • Your also in the middle of the holiday season. Customer service for most places take a hit. But I would do as Forlorn said. Try submitting a ticket for support. Cj, Sophie or another Funi admin are bout to see this thread and be able to help you out too.

  • Figured it must be the holidays. I know I'll be able to get my money back, I just wish it were easier. As long as FUNi doesn't suddenly go the way of Bandai, Geneon and ADV before I get my refund.

    Yeah right, they have DBZ. They're not going anywhere.

  • less a Zombie Apocalypse or the 501 loses the war on pants, Funi isn't going anywhere soon. lol

  • I do know that we have have both a larger than normal number of tickets that need to be handled by our billing department due to the holidays, and that they have been working on reduced hours because of the holidays. I'm sorry that you haven't received a response at this point.

    I also know that the e-mail that is sent does sometimes get caught by spam/junk mail filters as well.

    I can see both of your tickets in the system currently and they are in the right locations, however, for security reasons, I am not allowed to access the personal and order data of our users and so I cannot directly assist with this issue. :(

  • I feel your pain Starwind, I submitted a support ticket more than three weeks ago and I still have yet to hear from anyone. CJ, is there any way to get a status on my ticket as well?

  • @hanas - Your ticket is still waiting to be addressed in the system. For your particular issue, however, could you also please make a new ticket with the reason code Subscription Billing? We usually discourage multiple tickets, but in your case specifically, I believe this could be beneficial. Thanks!

  • Thats some very long time for support for a service that is paid for.

  • One of the recepients told me earlier he got his gift card. The other person hasn't responded but I'm sure he got it too.

  • Even if it wasn't the holidays it would still take a long time for them to respond.

    I am hoping that they cut the customer service department and increased staff in other departments to get the dubs releases faster. That I wouldn't mind at all.

  • We're actually back within 24-48 hours for most departments at this time,

    Since there's a whole specific thread that's back unlocked now in the FUNimation Help forums devoted to not having heard from support, I'm closing this thread. Please report any issues there.

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