PS3 APP and the queue/history option

  • Hi,

    I've recently started using the PS3 app and it works great so far. It's much smoother and faster than the xbox 360 app. Good job getting this app out. However, there are two things missing from the menu: 'Queue' and 'History'. Ironically the Xbox 360 app already have these two features, so I'm surprised the PS3 app doesn't.

    It's hard enough to keep track of all the animes to watch, let alone which episode you're in, so it would be really convenient to have 'queue' as part of the menu that shows all the titles I've currently listed, with the latest episode watched highlighted as you click an anime series. Again, something the xbox 360 app already has.

    As for 'History', it would simply be another convenient option to easily keep track of what shows you're watching, or if you simply want to jump right back to an episode or series you left the last time you watched.

    I'm not sure if the ps3 app can still be modified to fit these two options in the menu, but at the very least, please keep these features in mind while developing the PS4 version of the app.


  • Agreed. It is really strange that this app seams to be lacking in the most basic functions.

  • I agree. This app needs a lot of improvement on basic functions and the search box tells me that the show I'm loooking for doesn't exist even though I can find it manually. Yes I typed it correctly. How about a suggestive search pops up as you type in the name of the show.

  • I agree, I really like the service so far and find it awesome. A queue and history function for my ps3 would be wonderful though. I hope this can be added at a sooner than later date :)

  • Yes this would be helpful.

  • Having a queue on the PS3 would be nice. I am a new subscriber and did not realize the app for the PS3 was new until I was looking for why there wasn't a queue or history tab! Thanks for posting this suggestion. I hope adding my 2 cents will help the developers see how greatly needed that feature would be!

  • Both features were planned, but could not be included in the initial build because we wanted to make the app available as soon as possible. These two features will be part of the next update coming in early 2015.

  • Two other things the PS3 app needs is for episodes to continue on to the next one, and to be able to use the PS3 remote's pause, play, stop, etc. buttons.
    Thanks and am so glad this is out.

  • Yep, it does all that now. Closing since this suggestion has been completely fulfilled.

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