2014: The Year of Fairy Tail

  • Well, folks, Fairy Tail has had quite a run in 2014, both in Japan and the US. Not only did the new Fairy Tail anime series get started on airing in Japan, Funimation also Simulcasted it so anybody on this website could watch it from there. Not only that, they also brought the grand majority of the old series over here to America in this very year, dubbed in English, and with only 10 episodes to be dubbed in 2015. As for the manga, the grand majority of the Tartaros arc was released in Japan, which is fine and dandy, but now the Tartaros arc is being released in America as well. In other words, the manga's American release is catching up to the Japanese one. Seems as if Del Rey Manga is releasing Fairy Tail manga in America faster than Hiro Mashima can get it released in Japan.

    Also, I'm a little concerned about the series ending. It seems as if plot threads are being rapidly tied up one by one, so I am severely hoping that once the Tartaros arc is complete, Fairy Tail would still have a few more bunnies in its top hat.

  • 2014 was the year of a lot of things that released

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