Heya America

  • Stop being nationally racist and let other contries view anime or go f**k yourselves

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    EDIT: Please do not post F-bombs or images containing F-bombs on these forums. -SH

  • Awe man, why you gotta hate? Multi-national licencing is expensive. FUNI is a small company, so I doubt they could afford multi-national licensing of thousands of anime titles. That shits expensive!

  • crunchyroll says hello

  • First off, BE NICE. Secondly, watch your language. -_-

    Lastly, there's nothing nationalistic, racist, or mean-spirited about it; FUNimation is an American company whose streaming rights are exclusive to North America, and that's very unlikely to change anytime soon. There are still plenty of other companies that stream anime for Europe and elsewhere that feature a lot of the same shows FUNi has, such as MangaUK, Anime Limited, MVM, and yes, even Crunchyroll. So please look those sites up instead of coming onto these forums and acting obnoxious.

    Gonna lock this up now.

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