Conclusion of Lord Marksman

  • Hey everyone I am posting this thread as a way for people to drop insight on the latter half of the show.

    So does anyone else agree with me that this show can easily have a second season due to the lack of showing all of the war maidens and how they develop in the plot. The scythe maiden of course is dropped in at the end, but there are still others who haven't even been introduced yet.

    Spoiler ALERT

    At the end, how tigre gains the title of moonlight knight, I thought at first they were gonna drop a second season on us, but then they said the end… So anyone have any insight on this, or any general observations that others may not of picked up on?

  • Yeah I was hoping that they might make a second season, and I want to believe that they will because that end could just symbolize the end of the first season, cause if u think about they still haven't shown us what that other duke is going to do and the prime minister said that anybody who has had the title of moonlight knight has become king so Tigre could become the next king, and I really wanna know which woman he's gonna end up with

  • The ending as definitely hinting their is more to come. But I get he feeling that this show is going to end up in the pit of no more seasons.

    BTW there was already a thread for discussion on the series. Making a 2nd wan't neccesssary

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