• I don't know what else to call it, but this isn't exactly a simulcast. This week (as of this post) episode 12 came out. I know this because I've been watching the show on Crunchyroll. A couple weeks after the show came out I saw that it had popped up on Funimation as well, but only the first episode. I would assume this delayed release is due to some sort of deal in the paperwork but it's kind of sad for me. I pay for both Funimation and Crunchyroll and tend to prefer Funimation subtitling and work over that of Crunchyroll, but I've got to go with the site that's 2 weeks ahead and actually simulcasting the show.

  • so what was the point of this other than telling us where you are watching this show?

  • Oh, you wanted a point? Um… I had a need to say something about it to people who would actually know what I'm talking about (unlike most everyone I know in real life)? That's about it. It was random, but I'm still a bit confused by the decision to "simulcast" the show when you're stuck 2 weeks behind Crunchyroll and every fan-sub site the internet can throw at you. Unless the decision was simply that the show is good and worth having, though how you would know that before hand is beyond me (good manga doesn't always equate to good anime or vise versa).

    Anyway, this post has about as much purpose as the first one...

  • I don't get it either. Some of these shows are labeled as 1 week subscriber exclusive. Yona of the Dawn can be watched up to ep 14 on crunchroll, but on funimation it only has 12 ep. I don't really know how "exclusive" that makes it…..

  • Most of the shows also appear on Hulu about the same time so paying for both services is getting a bit trivial. (Fun & Hulu)

  • I was curious about this too. I'm not complaining so much as wanting to know why it's like this. This isn't the only "simulcast" that is like this either. I've also been watching World Break, and Crunchyroll seems to be an episode or two ahead of Funimation on that also. I tried to look for an explanation in the FAQ, but all it said is that the simulcasts are available on the same day that they air in Japan. This claim is clearly false, unless the people at Crunchyroll are somehow acquiring episodes two weeks before they air in Japan.

    This is a little irksome, because if I am paying for a service that claims to be delivering me simulcasts on the same day that they are released in Japan, yet they're actually being delivered two weeks later than that, then I am clearly not getting what I am paying for. There's probably a good reason why Funimation is releasing this show two weeks late, and if they'd just notate the issue somewhere and explain the reasoning, I would be totally cool with it. However, to advertise it as a simulcast seems unethical to me.

    I think an analogy would help to explain why this is annoying. Suppose that you go into a restaurant and order some lamb kebabs, and once the cook starts working on your meal, he realizes that he is all out of lamb. The proper way for him to handle the situation would be to have the waiter come to explain the situation, apologize, and see if there is anything else you'd like to order. Then it's just like "man, lamb kebabs sure sounded good, but I guess that shizz happens sometimes. I guess I'll try something different." It's nothing to get bent out of shape about, and it may have been some rare occurrence that was nobody's fault and couldn't be avoided. However….suppose that the cook decided to handle that same situation differently. What if, instead of letting you know about the problem, he decided that beef and lamb were both red meats, so he'd just give you beef instead, overcook it a bit, throw on a bit of extra seasoning, and hope you didn't notice the difference. Then, if you found out about it, you'd be super angry. Then you'd be expecting lamb, paying for lamb, and eating overcooked beef. If they'd just told you about the problem, it would have made all the difference.

    That is sort of how I feel about this simulcast situation, especially since it's occurring with more than one show. If you can't properly simulcast shows, due to licensing reasons or whatever, then don't advertise them as simulcasts, and don't use simulcasts as a selling point for the funimation streaming service. I'm not trying to debate about whether or not a Funimation subscription is a good deal, or whether or not Crunchyroll is better. I am solely speaking about the fact that this show (and a service that I am paying for) is being misrepresented.

  • It's called a simulcast and will continue to be called a simulcast because it's currently airing in Japan. This is a correct term and it's being used correctly on the site.

    I'm going to investigate the rest of this, though.

    Could you help me out by linking to the places where you're seeing the "simulcast the same day as airing in Japan"? If this is just as simple as changing the FAQ, I can have that done in a couple of hours, but if you're seeing that claim somewhere else, it may take me a bit longer than that. :)

  • I happen to know that Yona of the Dawn's simulcast on FUNimation is actually delayed by two weeks. Crunchyroll is the one who's truly showing it the same day as Japan.

    The same thing is happening right now with World Break.

  • The holdback on these episodes is a result of our arrangement with these licensors, for these properties.

    They are still, correctly, considered simulcasts for the reasons I've mentioned above. However, we'd like to know anywhere where we have provided incorrect information about what simulcasts are or entail, such as the mentioned place on the FAQ (we're actually currently working on an updated and expanded Simulcast FAQ, which might be why that section wasn't updated in a timely fashion.)

    If you have anywhere else to report seeing the same-day claim, please let me know– we'll need to see about changing those as well. And thank you for bringing this to our attention!

  • you might want to change the faq.
    or even a description on the simulcast page.
    so people actualy understad what is a simulcast.
    it seems some people think that all simulcasts are being uploaded right after airing in japan, and that being a subscriber is a guarantee to first access to such shows.

  • I'm not gonna dig around the website with a fine toothed comb, but as mike mentioned, aside from the faq, the simulcast page says:

    "Get full access to the hottest new and returning English-subtitled anime simulcasts every season right after each episode"s Japanese broadcast, streaming in 1080p HD on your computer and devices. Subscribe today!"

    Admittedly, "right after" has no concrete meaning, but I think that most people would agree that two weeks is not "right after" in this case.

  • well, then a simple amendment stating that 1 or two might be delayed due to contractual reasons, or something like that could probably be easily added. luckily you can normally go to Crunchyroll for these delayed shows

  • We're looking into this. ^_~

  • "Get full access to some of the hottest new and returning English-subtitled anime simulcasts every season right after each episode"s Japanese broadcast, streaming in 1080p HD on your computer and devices. Subscribe today!"

  • Oh, hey, forgot there was more than one thread about this. ^_^

    We've corrected the FAQ and are working on revising the Simulcast page.

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