The reason sales fell and why you should continue the series

  • Sales fell because:
    Filler. Lots of filler.

    Why you should bring us the rest:
    You stopped the release right at the end of the filler. The "ark" with some of the best fight scenes (with no filler) starts the next episode!
    More royalties for the author. (From what I heard, she needs the $ to buy the rights back for the manga so it can continue!)
    If you don't release the whole series, no one will buy what's already out.

    Heck, just put English subtitles on it and I would still buy it! It doesn't have to be a dub.
    Release it electronically at least!

    At the Funimation panels at Otakon, there's almost always someone asking in the Q&A about the rest of DGM! I still see plenty of Allen's walking around there too!

  • they cant get the rest of the show because it's not available to them. it's stuck in some sort of licensing hell over in Japan, which means until that gets resolved, neither fun or any other North American distributor can get the rest of the show

  • Also, there was no filler in the episodes that were licensed by FUNimation.

  • Getchman is right. D.Gray-man is a special case scenario of being stuck between a rock and a hard place. It's not just licensing issues from Dentsu or lack of sales, but rather a combination thereof. From what I understand, D.Gray-man may not have been selling great, but it did okay enough for them to try to get the rest of the series, before they ran into their little licensing snafu. FUNimation may have figured at that point that it simply wasn't worth the time, money, or effort to cut through all the red tape for a show that was only doing "okay" for them.

    At this point, I think we should all just forget about trying to get any more D.Gray-man here in the States. I'm pretty sure that ship has long since sailed. :hmm:

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