Holiday Support Hours

  • In order to give our Support Team members time to spend with their family, we will be offering truncated support hours through the holidays.

    Technical support team members will be available throughout the holidays, but with reduced hours and may not be immediately available. Please expect technical support delays.

    I will be closing down the various open threads in this forum– please post about any support issues that need attention, here-- moderators, you may also direct anyone who has questions in another thread to this one.


    Our truncated holiday hours are over and all support teams are back to full staff and hours.

    MOST technical support tickets are now being answered within 48 hours. E-mails are still a bit behind that curve. I'll let you know when e-mail inquiries are back within 48 hours.

    Billing and Product support still has an extended queue-- I cannot assist with most billing and product issues, but I can at least make sure your ticket is in the right place. :) Thank you for your patience.

  • Whoops, didn't realize the other posts would move to the top. Bumping my own post so it's the first thing on the page, like it's supposed to be. ;)

  • Hi guys! I sent in a support ticket on December 8th about Screening Request(Anime Club). My email was down for a day, so I do worry that I may have missed a response. I resubmitted the tickets again today, but if it would be possible to know what happened to my December 8th ticket that would be great. This issue is also a rather time sensitive issue, since we would like to hear back about the Screening Request in time for our planned meeting an January 5th.

  • I sent In a ticket for a continuing problem with my yearly subscription which I've bought 3 times in a month. It keeps saying my debit card is out of date (which it's not good till 2017) yet I've used the card on other site's, and bought 6 DvD's from funimation at the time I bought the last yearly subscription early this month. I got the DvD's in last week and they got my money yet not the Subscription. I work 12 hour night's and enjoy watching funimation to help keep me awake and I'm worried about re-re-re-re-purchasing and then they all come through the bank at once. I've sent in ticket's but no response any help would be great. Thanks and Merry Christmas and happy Holiday's.

  • I want to know why I keep receiving emails confirming my payment has been made, but no charges have actually been processed, It keeps telling me to update my EVS info on the site (cc expiration date changed), and your system doesn't seem to save the changes that I make, even though I receive the confirmation emails. I have tried to do this about 4 times. It seems to give the the 14 day trial, and that is it.

    I'm also highly disappointed that the email is the only way to contact funimation about this, as I'm sure If I could talk to someone on the phone it could be resolved in a matter of minutes on the back end and really reduce the amount the time someone has to spend typing emails and forum posts.

  • @izzykun - I'm still showing your request in the system. Due to the holidays, it's unlikely that your request will be approved prior to your event, however I'm going to see what I can do to expedite you. :)

    @mister-mopar - It looks like your inquiry is in the right location, but due to holiday hours, it may be awhile before you get an answer. However, while I cannot assist you in why there are issues with your card, I can tell you that you do not have a pending subscription in the system, currently, so I wouldn't worry about the charges hitting at once if you want to try clearing your browser's cache and cookies and trying again.

    @alternate.eago - I already answered this on your other thread about the issue. You may want to try clearing your browser's cache and trying again. You'll need a billing agent to further assist you with this issue.

  • Thanks for the reply CJ I'll retry after the 1st and try to remove all saved cards From my history on the site just to be safe. Really miss my shows on those lonely 12 -16 hour work nights all alone lol thank goodness for Call of duty black ops and YouTube while I sort this out lol

  • @ CJ, can you get someone to help me with my tickets. I just need the darn return label
    I've sent emails way before the tickets, but I doubt they were even read (None of my emails never get read, except when it had something to do with tickets, after you asked one of the support people to help me)

    You advised me not to do the "RTS" function last time
    Hopefully that doesn't come to bite me, as I have a feeling the "RTS " function would've been the cheaper option, as I might not have to pay return shipping fees (probably)
    Now I might have to pay for the return shipping (dunno if it's my fault for trying to make changes, or the very slow support I get.

  • Hey,

    I sent in a message to Support about renewing my permission to be able to show animes at my library's anime club. I did this on December 16, 2014 and still haven't gotten a reply.

  • I sent a message to support almost 2 weeks ago about a damaged item and still haven't heard back.

  • I sent a ticket about the PS3 app. I can't log in. I live in Canada, I'm 100% sure my password and username are correct.

    I was sent back an email saying they can try logging into my account with their own PS3, but they will have to change the password. Do I let them do it?

  • Hi Support,

    I had a product quality concern issue that I reached out to your team about back in November (ticket#30266). When I received a response the associate who I spoke with named Robert assured me that the product I ordered would be in the condition that I had requested. Unfortunately when I received the product it was not in that condition.

    I once again reached out to your team (ticket#32694) and the responses I was met with didn't resolve the problem. I was requested to supply photos of the damaged (un-opened/still sealed) product which I did. Afterwards I simply requested an exchange. The associate who I was speaking with offered me new packaging but I unfortunately had to decline this because I'm a collector and do not open/remove the plastic sealing from the anime dvds I purchase. Once again, I requested an exchange and haven't received a response since. This was back in December and to be honest, I'm starting to feel as if the issue that I reached out to your team about has just been swept under the rug given the lack of response.

    With all that said, please let me know what I can do to resolve this issue and receive the exchange I requested.

  • I also requested screening permissions for my library system's anime clubs on November 21 and again on December 22 and haven't received a reply, yet. Any help would be appreciated!

  • @linux2go. @alec613, @nightcrown - I still see your tickets in the system. I am reaching out to our billing and shipping departments to find out more information about your issue. I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything– though it's possible you may hear from them before I get confirmation of a resolution. :)

    @david5807 - I'm finding out some more information about your issue. I have a feeling that your issue has been delayed due to the truncated support hours and not due to a breakdown in communication, but I want to make sure. :)

    @crest456 - Yes, I would go ahead and allow them to log in-- there's no security issue involved in that as long as they aren't asking for your current password. Also, be sure to mention that you're in Canada as well, if you have not already mentioned it to them as that occasionally impacts the troubleshooting process.

    I'm still working on everyone else's-- haven't forgotten you. :)

  • @CJ:

    @david5807 - I'm finding out some more information about your issue. I have a feeling that your issue has been delayed due to the truncated support hours and not due to a breakdown in communication, but I want to make sure.

    Thanks for your response CJ. When do you think I can expect to hear back from support regarding my issue?

  • Hi Support,

    I am the head of the anime club at my college and I sent a request on December 5th asking about the price to be able to screen the entire series of Utawarerumono with my club. I myself have a copy of the series (S.A.V.E. edition) and wish to show my favorite Anime to the rest of my Club. the details for this are in the request I sent. I was wondering if you received it and can respond to me before the beginning of the next semester at my college on Jan 20th. My college's Club Budget Committee requires us to have the price of the screening in our budget before we can do events.

  • @dndxryuzaki, @bclsteen - I have contacted our Screenings department about your inquiries. @izzykun, I have also poked them about your request as well, despite the timeline.

  • @zergtitan - Our screenings department has been contacted about your issue as well.


    I THINK that's everyone? If I missed you, please let me know. :)

  • Any ETA on Subscription billing issues? Last update was on the 5th so I'm concerned it won't be fixed anytime soon. I have tried two different payment methods and i still get a Payment Details Invalid error. Is this still an issue for everyone? I want to give you guy my money! Help me out.

  • This post is deleted!

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