I Just Don't Get It/Licensing Questions

  • I'm still a relative newcomer to anime (my first besides Pokemon in my childhood was FMA: Brotherhood), as I started back in May 2014. As such, I am still learning the norm around here at FUNimation. So I have a question: how common is it for FUNimation to gain home video rights for a show that they originally only got for streaming rights (I'm referencing Noragami and Terror in Resonance)? I wish to buy these in the future but I'm not sure if they will get the rights.

    Thank you in advance.

  • they have acquired home media rights for nearly every show they simulcast. can only think of a few that were never picked up due to low interest or the disaster that was Funico

  • Basically it boils down to this:

    Unless it just really, really tanks in the streaming numbers, or if it's something they just don't see performing well with a physical release, 9 times out of 10 they will dub it and release it on home video.

    Considering that both Noragami and Terror in Resonance pulled in some pretty good streaming numbers, and considering that Noragami has Studio Bones and Terror has Watanabe's name slapped on it to help boost physical sales, I'd say the odds are extremely good that both will get a physical home release sometime within the next year.

  • There's also the possibility of issues with the company that could prevent Funi from getting further rights. Symphogear is one such title. Someone told me a lo.g while back that there were issues with the music rights. And considering it has 3 seasons, it's pretty irritating that it never got resolved.

  • @bossman12340:

    …I started back in May 2014.

    You say that like it's been a while. You know when I started? When Tenchi Muyo premiered on Cartoon Network. That was in July 2000. You kids today with your HD Playstations and streaming smartphone Roku apps and your…. uh.... what do the kids like these days.... Morgan Freeman!

  • @StarwindAmada:

    what do the kids like these days…. Morgan Freeman!

    But who doesn't like Morgan Freeman? O.o

  • I still wonder why Rainbow and Kingdom are sub-only streaming shows. I heard they did well in Japan and the manga for both series are still ongoing. The Tatami Galaxy is a personal favorite of mine, and that too is sub-streaming only. What gives?

  • how well they may or may not be doing in Japan is irrelevant to the licensing status. these show are still streaming only likely because they aren't expected to sell very well

  • There's a weird catch 22, if an anime gets too popular then the Japanese side might start asking for extremely high prices for the license, or not license the show at all for fear reverse importation may hurt their sales in Japan.

    And if a show is too unpopular then no one wants to put out the money to license it and they have to strap it onto a bundle to sell it off.

    Most likely if Funi has a streaming license for a popular show they fully intend to release it in the States in a physical set, but since it's popular they have to wait until the Japanese side gives the go-ahead to even mention their plans.

    (as for Tatami Galaxy, those shows are well loved and have cult followings, but sadly IIRC sell like crap.

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