Toriko Dub?

  • Anyone has any clues on whats going on with the Dub for Toriko. ill be honest i haven't watched it yet and i really want too but the one ep i was i really liked the dub that's how i am with some shows. The real question is collection 2 is out and there is only 4 ep to stream in English and they all go to hulu and i hate hulu anyone know why its taking so long for them for us to stream it?. And id be more inclined to buy them but id rather have it on Bluray. Im assuming it might because of some weird licensing deal going on but idk, if anyone dose know some how let me know pleaseeeeeee.

  • I'll try my best to answer all of your questions:

    1. The reason why the show is only on DVD over here is because there was never a bluray release even in Japan. It's pretty much DVD or nothing.

    2. As far as the lack of dubbed episodes to stream, it is more than likely a licensing issue with Toei. They're kinda kooky like that.

    3. So far, only the first 50 episodes have been dubbed. And according to FUNimation's Facebook account:


    As of right now, we do not have any plans to pick up any more Toriko. However, if that changes we'll definitely post on our social channels and on our site!

    Which is unfortunate, but not really surprising. The show itself is rather strange and niche in comparison to some of FUNi's other popular shows, and just really didn't sell all that well for them to consider picking up more episodes. If it's any consolation, episode 49 wraps up a pretty big story arc and ends with a fair share of closure, so I'd still highly recommend picking up the collections that they've put out right now.

    Also, if you hate Hulu, I know that the entire series subtitled is also streaming on Crunchyroll, so you can watch it there if you prefer.

  • Gotcha yea i had a feeling it was because of a weird licensing issue man that's a real bum i know its kinda a weird show but its so damn fun to watch too, well thank you for letting me know ill probs maybe get the dvds for it, but in the mean time ill have to watch it subed on CR cause i have a account with them too.

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