Why won't customer service answer me?!

  • Sorry for the all caps in the title, but I am beyond frustrated. I preordered the special edition Bebop set months ago. I got an email back on 12/9 saying that it was getting ready to ship, and a shipping label had been printed. Whenever I go and check the tracking on the package, it still says its sitting in Texas at the warehouse. I've tried emailing CC twice now, wanting some sort of update, and NOTHING. No response whatsoever. The set was supposed to be a Christmas gift for someone, and its not looking like it will be here in time. This is my first time ordering through Funimation, in fact, I cancelled my Amazon order of their special edition to go with Funimation's. Has anyone else had this issue with this item?

  • I've only ordered from Funi once, they charge silly shipping rates and it took forever to arrive (here in Canada anyways) , just stick to Amazon , it works out better in the long run.

  • Is it a tracking number from the shipping service or is it a special Funimation one? (I haven't used the Funi shop in awhile).
    I know from experience the USPS tracking service can get bugged as heck, the item still ships fine but it doesn't get tracked.
    This was especially bad last Christmas when everyone and their mom bought stuff online, hopefully it got sent fine and will arrive soon.

  • I think you should have mail about this issue by now.

    If not, please let me know. :)

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