Top 10 Anime You Watch This Year (2014 Version)

  • As the title says what are your top 10 anime you watch this year
    now this doesn't mean an anime that were released this year. It could been a anime that was released back in 2002 but you didn't watch it till this year
    So here my top 10
    10. Sword Art Online
    9. Ef ~ A Tale of Memories
    8. Summer Wars
    7. Accel World
    6. B Gata H Kei- Yamada's First Time
    5. Wolf Children
    4. Phantom Requiem for the Phantom
    3. Attack on Titan
    2. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia
    1. Genshiken

  • Okay, I'm pretty terrible at ranking favorites, but let's see:

    10. Black Lagoon
    9. Blood+
    8. Silver Spoon 2
    7. Birdy the Mighty: Decode
    6. Chaika The Coffin Princess
    5. Rose of Versailles
    4. Neon Genesis Evangelion
    3. Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion
    2. Steins;Gate movie
    1. Psycho-Pass

    Only two of them aired in 2014 (Chaika and Silver Spoon). Psycho-Pass hit a lot of sweet spots for me, but I'm really disappointed in how silly season 2 has been. I'll have to wash the taste out with the season 1 re-edit (or whatever it's called) and the eventual movie. Madoka Rebellion was divisive among fans, but I liked it. I wasn't entirely comfortable with the ending at first, but overall I really liked the movie and it makes sense to me why things ended up the way they did. The Steins;Gate movie was a great note to end the anime on, and I'm really looking forward to Funi's dubbed release next year. I only just recently watched Birdy, but it impressed me enough to be one of the best shows I watched this year. Birdy's a fantastic character and the show has a lot of heart to it.

  • I'll keep it to stuff that aired this year only that I watched (since I have trouble remembering which shows I watched this year as opposed to last year or two years ago for older shows):

    10. WIXOSS
    9. D-Frag!
    8. Trinity Seven
    7. No Game No Life
    6. Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun
    5. Witch Craft Works
    4. Blue Spring Ride
    3. The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior
    2. Parasyte
    1. Survival Game Club!

  • Ill keep this clean here is all the shows from my favorite top down, i have alot more than that but those are my top lol.

    1. Psycho Pass
    2. Fairy Tail
    3. Chaika The Coffin Princess
    4. Parasyte
    5. Black Lagoon
    6. Jorogumad, i think i spelled that right idk lol
    7. Tokyo Ghoul
    8. Akame ga Kill!
    9. Terraformars
    10. Laughing Under The Clouds.

  • I accidentally posted in the 2013 thread, but my list of favorites for 2014 are here

  • 10. Nagi no Asukara
    9. Space Dandy
    8. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun
    7. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
    6. Barakamon
    5. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods
    4. Psycho Pass
    3. Kill la Kill
    2. Black Lagoon
    1. Hunter x Hunter 2011

    I watched a lot of stuff this year, and this was a really tough call to make up my list honestly. Couldn't get all of them in here so I'll post some honorable mentions too:
    -Samurai Champloo
    -Terror in Resonance
    -Chaika: The Coffin Princess
    -Knights of Sidonia

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