Christmas Wishlist 2014

  • Anime:
    -Attack On Titan Part 2 (Standard Edition)
    -Eureka Seven (Parts 1 and 2 on DVD)

    -Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix (PS3)

    What is your wishlist? Please reply below to tell what's on your wishlist.

  • On Christmas Day, I'll report what exactly what i got.

  • So I guess this is the Christmas loot thread?

    I didn't ask for a whole lot this year, but I got everything I wanted and some extra items. My grandmas came over for brunch yesterday and brought more gifts with them.

    Super Smash Bros for Wii U
    Zelda amiibo (Target cancelled my PO for whatever reason so my brother got it for me instead)
    Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire combo pack with the 200 free potions
    In Bruges blu-ray
    Sailor Moon part 1 LE blu-ray
    some clothes and accessories
    glass goldfish bag (like the ones you get at the fair) paperweight
    lots of candy
    Amazon and Barnes and Noble gift cards

  • Here are the things that I got for Christmas:

    Funko Pop Vegeta from DBZ
    King Teresa (King Boo here in USA) sensor light
    A mug with an 'M' on it (for my name - Mandy)
    Lots of candy
    Someday, Someday, Maybe book
    Gone Girl book
    Epic Mickey 2 for Wii U
    Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll for Wii
    Super Monkey Ball for 3DS
    Gauntlet for PC - got it through Steam
    SimCity Cities of Tomorrow expansion pack for PC
    She & Him Classics album
    Hot in Cleveland Season 5 DVD
    Penelope DVD
    How to Train Your Dragon 2 DVD/Blu-ray combo pack
    If I Stay DVD/Blu-ray combo pack
    The Giver DVD/Blu-ray combo pack

    The first 4 items were surprises. The rest of the items were ones that I had actually ordered myself and then my parents paid me back.

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