Outlaw Star figures, maybe? Possibly?

  • I'm a huge collector of figures. Typically I go for figures from classic anime such as Dragon Ball Z, any of the various Gundam series, Trigun etc…BUT I've noticed one series that's never really gotten a fair shake in terms of action figure releases. Outlaw Star. Bandai released static figures of Gene and Malfina along with the Outlaw Star many many moons ago BUT I'm looking for something detailed. Like SH Figuarts level of detail. Why not Funimation? I mean you've already got a solid line with DBZ and I'm sure it's a pretty big money maker (You're talking $30 to $40 minimum on most figures and that's for the much more common ones) Would it really be impossible to partner with Bandai/Tamashii nations and release Outlaw Star figures? I'd love detailed versions of Gene, Hilda, Twilight Suzuka, Malfina, The Outlaw Star or just about any of the cast....JUST a thought.

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