Roku: How am I supposed to know what I've watched?

  • It doesn't keep up with what I've watched. There's no fast forward and rewind preview images. There's no keeping of video progress. There's no queue/favorites of any kind. I have to write down on a post it note what episode I last watched so I don't forget. Am I taking crazy pills and my Roku channel is broke, out of date, or is this truly it?

    I specifically subscribed to Funimation due to it having an official Roku channel, but it's hardly functional. It's causing a bit of buyers remorse…

  • I watch right on the FUNi site and it keeps track. Must be a Roku issue.

  • It's a Roku issue. The new build of the Roku channel that will be out very soon will track what you've watched on your Roku, but it will not sync your watch progress with the site.

    In the upcoming build, the way to tell if you've watched something is to check the video detail page. If it says "Resume", then you've watched/finished the episode. If you hit > on the remote to go the next video in the sequence and that one also says "Resume", then you've probably finished watching the previous video. If it says "Play", then you have either finished the previous episode or are in the middle of it.

    We'll be improving the usability with this in a build after this one. The history will sync with the site and will likely mark episodes that you've watched in the list of videos for each show.

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