Great show!

  • Just finished this show. I feel like Okabe has ripped my heart out and stuck it back in sideways. The only show that made me cry harder was Wolf's Rain. I'm talking huge sobs. I'm completely and totally in love with Okabe. My thoughts are too shattered scattered to be able to say anything more than, "OMG!! I LOVE THIS SHOW!!"

  • Steins;Gate didn't evoke quite the same reaction in me (I did cry at points, though), but it was an exciting and gripping watch. It's in my top 10 for sure. Hopefully Funi dubs the movie soon, because you'll want to see that.

    Do you have any interest in the VN? It's out in English for PC right now, but it's also getting a PS3 and Vita release. It's a ton of fun, but very time consuming and almost entirely just reading (but with sound and character/background art). The audio is Japanese-only, no dub, which makes sense because dubbing something that long would be expensive, but the English cast was great so it's a little disappointing.

  • I would love to read it! I'll look for it. I'm unfamiliar with the term VN. Is it "visual novel"? Reading is my first love, so I don't have a problem with that. It's also why I prefer dubs. I get so lost in the words of the subs that I don't see what happens on the screen, so I miss more than half the story.

  • yes, VN means Visual Novel

  • Thank you. I'm not very educated in fandom parlance.

    Edited to add: I had to google the difference between "light novel" and "visual novel". Shush, I'm old. It may take me forever to go through the VN because I will have to explore EVERY POSSIBLE EVENTUALITY. Sounds like it might keep me busy and out of trouble for a while! Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Sorry, I'm so used to tossing around those abbreviations.^^;

    I'm not even to the halfway point in the VN yet (or what I consider halfway based on the anime), and I got it in April (I haven't been playing it very regularly though, just an hour or two here and there). It'll definitely keep you busy for a good long time. But that just means it's well worth the price. ;)

  • @Firefly:

    Sorry, I'm so used to tossing around those abbreviations.^^;

    Ha! No worries! I can usually figure it out, I just wanted to make sure I understood.

    :( I just checked, and apparently it's sold out. It's not available at any of the retailers that the "Official Site" recommends.

  • RightStuf has the "Best Edition" on back order:

    I'm looking at Amazon prices and people are seriously asking for over $200 for the LE? O_o Scalpers are insane.

  • It's also coming to PS3 and Vita sometime next year if you own either of those devices

    I thought I remember something about it getting a Kickstarter for Steam as well, but there have been so many Steam announcements for VNs lately (Clannad, Fruits of Grisaia, Akiba's Trip) that I'm starting to lose track of which VNs are going where

  • I don't play games much, so I'm PC only. I'll see if I can find it somewhere.

  • Le sigh, well I all ready own the PC version of the game and the only way I would want one of the console versions would be if they dubed it in English with the funimation cast though im sure that is sadly extremely unlikely to ever happen… doesn't stop a man from dreaming though...

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