No reply from customer service!

  • I e-mailed customer service 13 days ago inquiring about a blu-ray that was missing from my order and have yet to hear ANYTHING back. It is especially frustrating because I would like to hear something soon because if I don't and the deadline for the return hits I'm SOL and don't get the blu-ray that I paid for. Any suggestions on how to get them to respond? Phone number would be nice.

  • There is no Phone # that I'm aware of that we can use. I e-mailed them the other days and got a response. I would try re-submitting a tick with them again about the issue.

  • Based on the tickets I'm seeing open in the system, I would say that you're still in the system and should be assisted soon. Obviously if we make you miss the date on the returns because of an error on our end we wouldn't hold you accountable for that.

    We're sorry that there's been a delay like this– we have a small but dedicated number of support team members, but with the spike in holiday traffic, we're all a little overwhelmed at the moment. :) Thank you for your patience-- we'll get you sorted.

  • Thanks for responding I was just getting a little bit nervous/upset not hearing anything at all.

  • It's all good! I work in customer support and I still get antsy when I don't hear back from other people's customer support, so I completely understand.

    Please do let me know if you don't hear anything in the next few business days.

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