Cowboy Bebop changes

  • I noticed recently while watching the new Funimation revision of cowboy bebop on their website that they made quite a few sound changes. Most of them are pretty good and not too different from the original. However, I noticed that the sound of spikes Jericho pistol is different now. And honestly this bothers me more than it should. When he fires the gun it sounds terrible, like a gun firing underwater, like a thud. After watching the original so many times I had gotten used to the Jericho's noise but now its going to bother whenever I watch funimations more hi-def version. :L

    If you actually want to compare watch episode 20, the beginning where spike shoots at pierrot le fou.

    this may not bother most people but it really annoys me, your supposed to make it better funimation, not perfect the little things that cant be perfected.

  • I don't see why they would change little things like that, but I guess it doesn't bother me that much either

    P.S. you probably shouldn't post the links for illegal streaming/pirating websites :P

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