Have you PMed me (CJ)? Then read this! :)

  • (This was originally referring to a specific event, but I've co-opted it to be more general.)

    I'm always open via PMs to chat with any forum users about anime and FUNimation stuff and whatever else, but I am not able to offer technical support via PMs, except in certain specific cases.

    If you have sent a technical support PM to my Inbox, there's a high likelihood that you will never hear back from me. The PM system wasn't designed to handle tickets the way our ticketing system does, and while it works great to notify me of an issue, or ping my attention to something happening in the forums, it's not trackable the way our ticketing system is, and I am unable to assign your PM to another person or department if needed.

    Please do NOT send technical support requests via PM– please make a ticket in the ticketing system instead.

    That said, if you ever want to chat or have personal requests or whatnot, I'm always available! ^_^

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