This show needs a thread…

  • So I'll start one.

    I'm 12 episodes in now, and loving it!

    Ginza needs to die. She's pathetic and annoying. I'm not passing judgement on her as a character, but as a human being. She's so fully dimensional that she could be a real person! She needs to die a horrible death to restore the karmic balance.

    Prediction: Kagura will either die a martyr or die a hero. Not sure which, but I'm 95% sure she'll die, and she'll probably drag Saiga along with her. I can't wait to see what happens to them!

  • So how about that dentist episode? ^_^

  • Creepy and gross, but fantastic!! I really liked naked diamond girl, too.

  • OK. I finished it. It didn't go down the way I thought it would.

    ! That was a pretty amazing twist. I went from hating Suitengu and co, to being completely sympathetic with their cause in the space of one episode. I cried when they died. I expected a much more tragic ending, and I still don't like Ginza, but I love this show completely. Poor Doc.

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