BD releases for previously DVD-only releases in NA?

  • While some shows might not make sense to release BDs of since they might not sell enough (as is possibly the case with many titles on the S.A.V.E. line - except for maybe a select few like Air TV, Kanon, and possibly others), what do you think the likelihood of seeing BD releases for fan favorites like Noir, Ergo Proxy, Darker Than Black S1 where the jump between DVD and BD would be a massive improvement in both audio and visual quality (especially since HD remaster/native/extremely high quality JPN upscales exist for these series) would be?

    These are just some shows that I'm sure many would enjoy being able to buy without having to import their JPN counterparts which are far, far more expensive and may not even come with the ENG dubs or subs.

  • At this point, I'd say the odds are rather slim. While many of those shows on the Anime Classics line might still sell okay, they might not do well enough to justify the additional costs of licensing the bluray rights.

    Also, I know that with Darker Than Black in particular, the reason we don't have season one on bluray is because of Aniplex.

  • FUNi has said that if a title enters the S.A.V.E. (w/o a previously BD release), said title will not get a BD release.

    Source: FUNicon 3.0

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