Kamisama Kiss Season 2

  • PLEASE!!!!! DO the next season!!! I have been eyeballing the mangas for about a year and finally picked them up. I work at a library and decided to order the anime for our library as well, and finished the entire season in one night. Yes, I realize how lame that makes me. However they are so good and was so disappointed that they only had one season. However I then discovered that they had just announced they would in fact be doing a season 2. Since watching these I have become begun watching many other animes that are in the Funimation land- admittedly due to the wonderful voice talent of J Michael Tatum, again I realize that makes me very lame. However I beg you to take on the next season!
    I have passed this series onto my sister and I will be purchasing the dvds from your website so I am putting some money back into this wonderful company. Anyway thank you!

  • The Suggestion Box really isn't the right place to post these types of topics. It's more or less designed for people to suggest ways in which to improve the website, not for people to post which anime series they want FUNi to pick up.

    We've already got an official thread for recommending series that you want FUNimation to license. From now on, please use it:

    Regardless, it seems rather obvious that FUNimation will get the second season of Kamisama Kiss, so I wouldn't worry too much over it. :)

    Gonna close this topic now.

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