Larger Subtitles and/or bolder black outline of around subtitle text

  • Hello,

    I've enjoyed watching anime through your Roku App on my 55" HD TV but, since I sit on the couch across the room, I frequently have to strain my eyes to read your subtitles. I'd like to suggest that you slightly increase the font size of the subtitles you use on your Roku channel streaming library.

    Also, adding (or thickening it if is already there) the black outline around the white text would help readability a lot when the color behind the text is also lightly colored. Please see the Crunchyroll Apple TV app (and maybe their other apps too) for a perfect subtitle size and outline thickness (IMO).

    Obviously, adding user customization to your subtitles would be best (a la Netflix) but I'm assuming that is probably at the bottom of a long list of Roku app upgrades (if it is on the list at all) so maybe just a slight increase in the mean time would be good?

    Thank you for reading my suggestion.

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